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November 20, 2012

Trendy Tuesdays :: What to Wear

Have you booked your Fall/Winter session yet? Well, if you a color palette to consider. The colors are vibrant and look GREAT together. Actually, I just did a family session and this was the colors they went with! The purples, pinks and blue in their outfits looked GREAT! Furthermore, these colors would work well in any setting. I recently read a blog where the writer made a statement about "coordinating" outfits rather than "matching" them and I couldn't have agreed more!! If you coordinate, there is more variety and everything does look blended. These outfits depict that perfectly! ...and hey, the session isn't about your's about capturing relationships, moments, love! I mean, sure you want to look GREAT, but I would rather someone be drawn to an image for the emotion rather then your outfit. Enjoy! 

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