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June 3, 2012

The Butterfly Effect :: STL Butterfly House

It doesn’t matter where you live…there is always places to go and capture images.  While my mom was here visiting for my birthday {that’s right…I kept that under the radar!  big grin} I took her to the Butterfly House in Chesterfield, MO.  It’s pretty much a mini rainforest and takes my breath away.  You walk in and it’s vibrant with color and there are butterflies flying all around you.  IT’S AMAZING!!!  I took my camera, but was there for and with my mom…not photography; however,  I was able to capture some images and thought I would share a few with you.  The beauty in God’s creation NEVER ceases to amaze me.  If you live in STL and haven’t been to the Butterfly House – I encourage you to go!!  If you don’t live in STL, but are planning to visit in the future – it’s a MUST see.   NOW…you do need to be prepared for the heat and humidity there.  It’s warm.  I actually have to keep my camera wrapped for 20-30 minutes to allow it to adjust to temperature.  I’m so glad a fellow photographer told me to do that.  {smiles}  Enjoy!

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