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December 3, 2011

The Duello Family

The Duellos!  We met up in Faust Park, one of my favorite places to capture pictures.  This session was primarily scheduled to capture the little guy, Jackson.  He was such a cutie-patootie!  Mom clued us in on the 'magic' word to get him to look at the camera and smile -- SCRUMPTIOUS.  That's right, scrumptious!  Isn't that absolutely darling? I can't tell you how many times Kelly (my assistant) said, "1-2-3, SCRUMPTIOUS!"  We all just laughed and laughed.  What a great session!  I'm pretty sure you can see Jackson's personality in all of the pics, and he made some of the stinkin' cutest faces.  Of course, capturing the father/son pics in their cardinals apparel was a treat too!  Good times at Faust Park.  Thank you to the Duellos!

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