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November 28, 2011

Sweet Madelyn turns "1" year old!

How is that possible? It seems like a just a few days ago I started capturing her on camera. Madelyn showed up with more personality than ever and the intense curiosity and determination of most children. She wanted to walk everywhere, touch everything and would not allow one thing to stay in her hair or on her head {smile}. Getting her to sit or stand still was a little more of a challenge now that she's officially walking, but what fun we had making silly faces, singing, and laughing. Mom (Meghan) never disappoints with wardrobe, she always shows up with the cutest outfits, tutus, and props. There is no question that the camera loves Madelyn. The colors were intoxicating! I was delighted to see Madelyn grow so much in her first year, but I'm saddened that my work is officially done. It's with overwhelming gratitude that I say goodbye to the Swanns knowing they will be starting a new chapter of their lives as they move back to Georgia. Thank you! I wish you innumerable blessings!


  1. Thank you so very much Kristine! Love every photo!

  2. Kristine, you have done a remarkable job with Madelyn's photos! You are creative and have a great eye. I want to weep when I see the amazing ways you capture my beautiful grand daughter. As much as I hate that you won't be there to capture all Madelyn's special moments I am thrilled to have my little Miss closer! :) Thank you for helping us record her very first year.


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