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August 4, 2010

U R My Sunshine Launches!!!

I've had the distinct pleasure to be a part of my twin sister, Kelly's "U R my Sunshine" online studio launch over the past week. She and her husband recently made the decision to pursue adoption and are going to begin their journey/process in the new year. To help alleviate some of the financial burden Kelly {being the go getter that she is} decided to sell ADORABLE hats, bows, tutu's, along with other cute items and put the profit towards the adoption! I LOVE IT! I know I'm bias, but seriously….her prices are GREAT and how can you pass up such a great cause?! Ok, so in saying all that…my part in this has been the photography and laying out her logo and watermark….and let me be perfectly clear in saying that I'm honored to do this for my beautiful twin! She gave me a sketch of the logo she was wanting and even found the fonts and made it so easy for me to lay out for her. She was thrilled when she saw it!! {GRIN} The pictures have been such a treat for me to take as I love capturing children and when you doll them up with accessories…."SMILES" is the only word that comes to mind! I'm not a commercial photographer by any sense of the word, but I agreed to help take some pictures of products as well. I've put a few product pictures below along with her logo for you to see and maybe you'll even find yourself getting caught up in the moment. I'll also be posting the mini sessions that I've done/will be doing for U R my Sunshine very soon. I'm sure you'll agree these girls are adorable and did a great job of modeling the products! Please take a minute to visit U R my Sunshine here at and subscribe to blog here. Get your wallets'll be hard not to order! {smiles} Kelly, I know that I don't say it enough…but I'm blessed to have you as my sister and proud to be standing beside you in this journey! 143!!

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