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August 5, 2010

Creative Take | August

If this picture brings even the slightest smirk to your face….then I accomplished what I set out to do this month. Things have been crazy hectic and even stressful at times as of late and I think this picture is a great offset to all the insanity. {grin} I’m pretty focused and sometimes forget to stop and smell the roses, or in this case…just be crazy silly and enjoy the moment. Life is too short to be stiff and uptight and yes…I am preaching to myself as well!! So, take a minute to be silly today…go look in the mirror and make a goofy face or stick your tongue out at yourself. It’s a guaranteed “pick me up”! {SMILES}

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  1. Kristine - You look beautiful! And your web site is classy! It seems you have really found your nitch and are enjoying your work. I wish you great success and continued joy in a vocation that brings joy to those you serve. May God bless you and your business! Shirley Good


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