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April 22, 2013

Taking on NYC

I hadn’t been home for a visit in about a year and a half and really need a breather from my job and a variety of things that bog us down from time to time. I recognized the need and desire to spend time with my family and finally acted on it. {smiles} Now, my family lives in NJ and are only 20 minutes outside of NYC so as you can imagine….I made it a priority to spend time in the city. I love it…the sounds, the smells, the sights, and even the tastes! It’s a rush for me and I feel right at home! It can be a little intimidating to pull out my camera and lenses, but I did capture some images and shared a few below. I seemed to capture more with my IPhone, so I’ve put some of them below (second image down) as well…I  collaged/grouped them together since they are all Instagram images. {grin} Highlights from my trip would be the afternoon spent in the upper west end of Manhattan having lunch at Arties and dessert at Magnolia’s Bakery, going to Wooster Street Social Club (home of NY INK),  the hour long wait in line to go into Carlo’s Bakery (aka: Cake Boss), going to River Street to see the skyline of NYC and spending a morning in Times Square. IT WAS A FANTASTIC TRIP...but obviously the time spent with my family was priceless!!  Maybe through the images below you can get a glimpse of the energy contained within' the concrete jungle of New York City.  {smiles}

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