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August 1, 2012

STL Food Media Forum

Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend the STL Food Media Forum at the Moulan here in here Saint Louis.  The whole event was geared towards bloggers, food writers, photographers, anyone really...who had an interest in various forms of food!  Day one was spent listening to Dianne Jacob, the author of "Will Write for Food".  It was interesting overall, but I won't lie...I didn't gain much from it as it was geared more to descriptive writing and recipes.  {smiles}  Day two was my day to absorb LOTS.  Three photographers from FEAST magazine presented various tidbits of information to which I enjoyed them all.  When it comes to photography...I absorb EVERYTHING {even things I already know and have heard over and over - grin}.  After loving all the photography segments, the big bad world of branding/marketing and SEO were touched on and that was alot of intense information, but VERY interesting!  Overall, I enjoyed myself and met some  fun food bloggers along the way that amazed me with the number of  readers they have...who would of thought...FOOD BLOGGERS?!  My goal is to now capture some {fantabulous!} food shots to put a desk calendar together centered around the  kitchen and geared for cooks/food lovers/etc!  Bon Appétit!

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