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September 10, 2011

"Canine Love" Photo Contest Winner: Ruby

I never really understood the whole "love for dogs" idea until I purchased my own almost 5 years ago.  My Sydney changed my world…and outlook on Canine love all together!  I've become a dog lover and very passionate about them.  {if you only knew!}  So, when I have the opportunity to capture dogs….I'm thrilled!  Giving this session away last month to a canine was effortless.  I only wish I could've given one to every dog that entered the Canine Love Contest!  …and I mean that.  BUT…precious Ruby won and was such a joy to work with!   I still can't get over how tiny she is.. a mere 2.5 pounds to be exact when I captured her.  A breeder didn't want her because she didn't meet AKC Yorkie standards so gave her to a rescue here in STL.  Rescue dogs are special and I love hearing how a dog lands in a FANTASTIC home to not only give love, but be loved!   Ruby has so much energy and personality….it puts me to shame.  {hee, hee}  I didn't want to leave out Ruby's owners, so  I included a "family" picture as well!  So, without further ado….meet Ruby Yoder! 

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