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September 14, 2011

Cheetahs and Zebras and Penguins: OH MY!

I had been anxious to get to the STL Zoo all summer and finally had the opportunity to when my parents came into town for a visit over Labor Day weekend.  We just went for a few hours, but I can assure you that I could spend the whole day there!  I love the zoo!!  There is something captivating about it.  I mean of course the animals are amazing, but the scenery, the sounds and the atmosphere are captivating as well.   It was VERY busy that day because of the holiday weekend, but I didn't let it bother me in the least. I put my 70-200 lens on my camera and enjoyed myself.  I  really had no expectations. I was there as any other guest….not as a photographer {at least that is what I kept telling myself}.   I know, I know….why did I have a goal in mind at all?   Trust me….there are days that I wish I could "turn off" the photographer thought process, but that is incredibly hard to do.  I guess what I had hoped to do was capture portraits of the animals.  I wanted them to feel more up close and personal.  {smiles}   Anywho - I thought I'd share a few of my favorite captures. Enjoy!


  1. FABULOUS! All the pictures are wonderful but there is something about the elephant's eyes that has me mesmerized:-)

  2. I {heart} these pics and LOVE the giraffe one :)


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