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August 22, 2011

STL Photographers Shot Party: 2011

I know I mention from time to time how much I love what I do, but in saying that - I trust you know that I am also always wanting to learn more and grow as much as I can to make my client's experiences (yep…that's you!!!) with me the best that it can be!! I strive for "excellence" all the time. I mean….this journey would be pretty boring if I didn't challenge myself daily. So, when I heard about the STL Photographers Shot Party….I jumped on the band wagon and registered. I cannot even begin to describe what a FABULOUS experience it was! This was my first year to attend, so of course I was excited and a bit nervous too!   A room full of  talented photographers can be a little intimidating - right? {smile} It was GREAT! I saw some photographers I knew, met some new photographers and believe I made some friends along the way. 

Becker started out the day by giving us  6 keys to a successful business:  B.E.C.K.E.R.  I love how he used his name to communicate them.   {grin}  I gained A LOT from his presentation. GOOD STUFF!   Then I attended two breakout sessions. One was a panel of three wedding photographers who answered questions for those who were looking for insight. The other was for Lightroom which is something I haven't taken on yet. Soon though….very soon. Both break out sessions were good...I just think I was bias to the keynote speakers.  The day ended with the AMAZING "Bobbi and Mike". Seriously…..I have followed this husband & wife team for years through their blog and facebook page and not only love their work…..but their passion and energy as well!! The information they shared was priceless!!! *wickedy wickedy WACK!!* as Bobbi would say!   

It was a day full of valuable information and I felt blessed beyond words to be apart of it! A big shout out to Kelly Manno who makes the Shot Party possible every year! GOOD WORK KELLY! So, there you have it! Do you sense my excitement!?! {hee hee} …here is to loving what I do and sharing it with you!

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  1. Sharon Kuert22/8/11 8:55 PM

    Looks like you had a really good time at the Seminar. I am sure you truly benefited from it! Momma


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