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December 31, 2010

Kissing 2010 Goodbye!

What an AMAZING year! I mean….where did it go?? The opportunities have been incredible, the sessions were amazing and I am feeling an overwhelming sense of gratitude! I couldn't have asked for a better year in terms of blessings on both a personal and professional level. I took some big strides this year and really pushed myself and although it presented more stress at times, it's what drives me. {smile!} For those of you who don't know I work a full time day job and basically do photography full time on the side as well. I’m sure you’re thinking, really? Now, don't worry ...I have goals and am working hard to achieve them, but in the mean time it's time management and some serious determination that keeps me sane and on track. …and did I mention that I love capturing photos?? So, it’s a no brainer and hard to even call work! I NEVER anticipated such a busy year and found myself overbooked and having to turn work away so as you can imagine that makes one feel pretty good! Furthermore, this was a big year on a personal level as I was finally able to get my own place again. To make a long story short….I worked for a marketing company in Springfield, MO a few years ago and was laid off forcing me to draw unemployment and a year later made the decision to move to STL. I moved in with my sister and brother n law till I could get back on my feet and in the midst of all that…..I decided to make the photography passion come to life. Life is too short NOT to pursue what you love! I found a job through a temp agency and took baby steps in the world of photography and I'm happy to say that I moved into a BEAUTIFUL apartment the end of this past October! What an amazing feat for me!! I’ve worked VERY hard to get where I am today, but I also recognize that I have a long ways to go. I dare say there have been lots of sweat, tears and now gray hairs, but at the end of some exhausting days I know I'm blessed beyond words and truly happy with how far I've come! I'm not even sure I would change a thing about this past year!

This is the part in the blog where I am going to give a few shout outs!!! First….to my family who is a true source of strength in my life! I must acknowledge my twin sister who has not only been my part time assistant, but my biggest bouncing board! Kel - I couldn't have done it without ALL your help with the book keeping, emails, follow up and helping out on sessions that require lights and more hands on attention. You’re nothing short of AMAZING! …and last, but certainly NOT least - thanks to all my clients!!! You are the reason I do what I do!! With every smile/emotion/celebration reflected in a picture….I'm reminded of the value they hold and how honored I am to be the one capturing them for you! From the depths of my heart - THANK YOU!!!!

So, here is to “Kissing 2010 Goodbye!” and welcoming 2011 with great anticipation!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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