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September 18, 2010

Snoopy | Pet Love

I love puppies so I couldn’t wait to take these pictures for Kim and Dillon! Snoopy is a mix of Cockapoo and Shitzu that was blessed with some beautiful blue eyes! This puppy had so much energy that I couldn’t help but wonder how a little 6 pound ball of fur is able to keep up with so much energy! I think Kim would agree with me on that. {grin} Dillon is the little guy who loves his new companion! The pictures of the two of them are too adorable. When Snoopy started licking and tickling Dillon’s face I kept the camera going and they were some of my favorite pictures! Pure candidness! This session made me miss the days when my miniature schnauzer, Sydney was a puppy. Those were memories I’ll cherish forever as I’m sure Kim and Dillon will as well!

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