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September 2, 2010

Kathryne & Drew | Couples

I won't deny that when I saw this couple I immediately thought…this cute couple could do vintage pictures WELL!! My wheels were already turning and I couldn't wait to start capturing some pictures of them!! Now, they may look familiar to you….and if so, it's because Kathryne and Drew were in the Bradford-Burton Family pictures. We knocked out a lot of pictures that morning. {grin} This couple is from Altadena, California and were in town for a visit with the family. They just celebrated their 1st official year of dating and I loved how they radiated their love for each other. The way they held hands, held each other and how they gazed at each other with that love struck feel. {smiles} The dress that Katherine has on in a couple of these was ADORABLE! I loved the colors and style!! …and the boots were a great touch too! Drew couldn't have matched her better in his jeans, shirt and tie! These two nailed their clothing choices! Anyways…here are some of my favorite shots of them and yes, they feel vintage which is exactly what I what I wanted. I enjoyed meeting you both and hope to have the opportunity to capture you again in the future!

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  1. Felicia Jones3/9/10 6:20 PM

    LOVE the vintage look Kris. Her hair and eyes match the style and background perfectly. I love seeing the new things that you bring to your blog!


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