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August 9, 2010

UR My Sunshine | Nellina

Little Miss Nellina walked into this session full of energy and with quite the personality. {wink} Her tight little curls, beautiful eyes, smile and imagination was beyond words! It was nothing less then pure delight! The "tickle monster" and all the stuffed animals were our saving grace on a number of occasions and had me laughing at times…. almost made me miss being a kid! I must admit she made quite the little model {smile}. Thanks Carrie for letting Nellina hang out with me for a bit! You're going to have to keep the boys away from her! {grin}

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  1. Carrie & Nellina12/8/10 8:52 PM

    Thanks for such kind words. I am so happy with your work, I love the pictures! When we left Nellina kept saying "I want Kris" ... the whole car ride long ;)
    Nellina enjoys looking ather pictures almost as much as i do. LOL


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