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March 7, 2010

Introducing Storyboards!

I've wanted to implement storyboards for some time now, but just haven't made it happen. I'm hoping that this blog will push me in the right direction. I know many of you are now asking "what is a storyboard?" So glad you asked! *smiles* We can all appreciate a single photo as it in itself has a story to tell, but a storyboard has the ability to expand on that story. It offers variety and a way to put not only one photo, but many photos into one image. I've included several storyboards below that I've put together for you to sample. What I'm hoping to do this year is include at least one storyboard in each viewing gallery following a photo session. They will primarily be 10"x10" in size or 10"x20", but this will add some variety to the clients galleries and make for some narrative memories as well! It's a win-win and gives me yet another opportunity to be creative! So, here's to storytelling...I mean, storyboarding! Feel free to inquire...or just leave a comment to let me know what you think.

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