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February 22, 2010


I love getting to share exciting news with you regarding the website. So...without any further delay I'm proud to present the following: new music on the website! SMILES! I've added 2 more songs to the website for your listening the music plays throughout the entire website!! Here's the lineup: 1) Rosi Golan's "Shine" 2) Jason Mraz's " I'm Yours" and 3) Colbie Caillat's "Something Special" which has been the one and only song up to this point. The great thing is that at the bottom of every page you can click to the next song, pause it or stop it. I know that there are those of you who don't care for the music, but because I'm bias to music and love listening and looking all at once I wanted to make that available. I'd say that this a pretty exciting tidbit! ...but then again, I realize that it's kind of expected to hear that from me as the photographer. *wink* So, what are you waiting for...........go check them out!

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