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April 30, 2013

Amelia's 6 Month Session :: Babies

All I can say is that Amelia just keeps getting cuter and cuter! She is just ADORABLE! For her 6 month session, we decided to go to St. Charles. Now…weather was pretty unpredictable that day…and it was colder then I had hoped, but we decided to give the session a go. {grin} Would you believe that as soon as we started, the rain became steady? I had to think fast. I spotted a porch of a business that was closed and said let’s go there. There was a fun colors door and brick…so the backgrounds/textures I was hoping for were there. Amelia was FANTASTIC! We all know that little ones have a shorter attention span….so it’s hard to know when “their done”. {smiles} I think it’s safe to say that with the cold, the rain and an outfit change…she lasted about 50 minutes and I thought that was pretty remarkable! GO AMELIA! I’ve posted some of my favorites from her session. In looking at these images, I’m reminded of why I love capturing children! It’s priceless capturing a child being a child….the wonder, the smiles, the looking off moments is what makes the image speak. Enjoy!

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