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March 7, 2013

Trendy Tuesdays :: What to Wear

It’s hard to believe Spring is upon us already, but I think most would agree that we’re ready for the warmer weather. I’m a little behind on blogging to date, but rather than try to catch up...I’m going to just post a couple things here and there and get back into “blog mode”. When I saw that my last post was in December, I chuckled a bit and then rolled my eyes. What was I thinking? I’m pretty sure, it was the holidays, taking an extended vacation and taxes….or at least that sounds good anyways. {smiles} Well, I have two What to Wear’s to share from January and February. They may be late, but hey….they’re guaranteed to inspire because the beautiful thing about “what to wear” ideas is that they are idea generators year round. {grin} The first one pictures below was for January and I absolutely love the color pop of the corral! These colors will be sure to make your session images pop! …and this color palette would be great for Spring sessions! The second one pictured is for February and all I can say is that I love, love, love the kelly green in this palette. I have a lot of this color in my wardrobe right now. {big smile} The pink and navy blue really compliment the green, so these colors are a great combination! I always try to hint on the fact that accessories had wonders to an outfit and even images! I know that some people would disagree, but I could show you image after image where a scarf or necklace….make an image pop or add that element that makes the image WOW! So, be inspired and if you haven’t scheduled a session…inquire today!


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