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January 26, 2012

New Year : New Opportunities : New Challenges

2011 was a great year and I can't begin to tell you how excited I am for 2012. This year I'm approaching things a little different as I'm attempting to scale back in some areas and pushing forward in others. I'm going to keep this post personal and real as that is how I try to approach just about everything.  In order for growth in any business, changes are necessary and often needed. Furthermore, change in ones personal like is necessary and often needed as well.  There are areas of my life that are in need of some attention and although being single and driven is a wonderful thing; physically and mentally, I need to find a better balance.  So....what's changing you ask?

// I've adjusted the overall pricing for basic portrait photography sessions/products and tweaked others.  Some areas are more significant then others, but this was needed after 3 years of BIG growth.  I have found after some extensive research, that my prices are below average compared to many other local photographers and now that I am going into my fourth year, it's time to step outside "amateur mode" and put more of a value on my time, talent and the work involved in all areas of the business. I will continue to make digital files available as I believe that is necessary; however, the value on them will be higher as I firmly believe that obtaining the digital files from a session is invaluable...and I unlike many other photographers, don't require a minimum print order.   I've tried very hard to stay within reach of the average household means and am comfortable with my 2012 pricing structure.

\\ My PRIMARY focus this year will be portrait photography and 'the shop' (my still photography).  I'm giving weddings a rest with the exception of one or two and will re-evaluate next year.  I'm wanting to find "passion" areas and grow them rather then taking on everything and juggling too much, which is tough for me because I am a "yes" kind of gal - smile!  I've taken a step back in my marketing so that things can move at a slower pace, yet another area that is difficult for me.  I'm a 'fast forward' personality and like being "too busy", so this will be change on my part and not an easy one....but I've always said I enjoy a challenge!  {silly me}

// I've been pretty lenient with going over on time with the 1 hour sessions and 30 minute sessions (when offered) as well as extending or re-posting galleries after they've expired and not charging, etc.  As difficult as it is for me to not want to accommodate those situations, this year I will be enforcing the session times and gallery expirations.  As with any business, time is money. So - you've been warned. {Smiles!!}  Please come to sessions ready to go and know that when you receive your email with the link to your online gallery - you have 14 days to view/purchase....period. Sounds so mean, huh? ...BIG grin

Thanks for being the wonderful clients/friends/viewers/commenter's/readers/supporters that you ALL are!  I wouldn't be where I am today without ALL you.  I wish you the BEST YEAR EVER and would love to hear from you from time to time!!  Here is to capturing SMILES and moments throughout 2012!!


  1. you are far from an amatuer, your work is phenomenal!

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  3. YAY for growth. Your work is fantastic!! I'm excited to hear that you're taking the next steps.


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