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August 28, 2011

The Holliday Ladies

I love, love, love that I was able to capture these ladies!  I met Joanna about a year ago and our common interest was our dogs.  {too funny, huh?}  We both have adorable dogs and honestly...conversation just came easy between us.  I was thrilled to capture her with her daughters.  BEAUTIFUL!  Can you believe the last time they had pictures taken like this were when the girl were 9 and 7!!!  Both girls are now attending college in Springfield, MO now (the youngest is a Freshman this year), so the timing couldn't have been better for this session!!!   Now, I like to add some fun to sessions  and although that doesn't always work out, in this case it did!  We were all laughing and enjoying the moment!  Even Oliver got in on the fun (click here to see)!   LOVE THESE!  Enjoy.

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