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July 18, 2011

Daniel: Newborn

There is nothing….and I mean nothing like capturing a newborn.   The Stricker's were so welcoming when I arrived at their home, and then meeting 11 day old, Daniel with his full head of hair - I smiled and was anxious to get started!   Well, Daniel had something else in mind….and I was a little worried because he wasn't about being happy at all.   The only time he didn't cry is when he had a bottle or mommy was holding him.  So, we decided to go outside to capture the family picture and maybe that would calm him a bit.  BOOM!  He fell into a deep sleep and we did the rest of the session outside as it was evident that the heat and humidity were keeping him happy.  As you'll see below - it was a wonderful session and the images captured were nothing short of precious.  I couldn't help, but include a few other images from the session as well.   Congratulations again Stricker's!!  I enjoy spending the morning with all of you!

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