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January 6, 2011

The Gift of a Calendar

Every year I give a creative gift to each of my family members and this year I decided to put some of my photographs to use and make a desktop calendar. It is 5x7 in size and printed on linen photo paper. Now, this is by no means an original idea, however, my photos are original and that's what makes it unique in my mind. I'm even considering the idea of making one available for purchase next year. It's a FABULOUS gift!! Below is the entire calendar and the other picture is a visual of how the calendar looks on an easel....which is how it was gifted. If anyone is interested in ordering one of these for 2011, let me know. VERY reasonable and I guarantee whether in your home or at work…it will make quite the impression. Could also be customized. {SMILES}


  1. Kristine, I would be interested! I think it's beautiful! Fill me in on the details tomorrow at work. RK

  2. I received one of these for Christmas and it's AWESOME!! Thanks again, Kristine!


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