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October 6, 2010

A Vintage Moment

For awhile now, I’ve wanted to take a picture with this rocking chair as it was mine as a little girl! AW! It used to have 70’s fabric on it, but my mom had it re-upholstered when I was in college and now it has a fantastic velvet fabric. I’ve held on to it all these years and now use it as a prop! LOVE IT! I had an idea of the picture I wanted, but it was getting to the right spot and having the obvious elements to make it happen. The little suitcases were a fantastic find and I immediately thought they would be great for this picture idea too. In saying all that, I recently found myself in a setting that would work and got the picture. YEAH! Obviously there are always things I could/would do differently, but overall I was pleased. The photo depicts innocence and an era and although it’s simple in appearance, it’s complex in depth. The second picture is a close up of the little suitcases to merely show some detail and to play a bit off the first picture. The camera….well, that’s an old Kodak camera that is from my mom’s side of the family and was handed down to my sister. I know…why not me? I asked the same question. {smile} So, there you have it. Enjoy this Vintage moment on me.


  1. omg i love this pic! you are soooo awesome! :)

  2. by the way the anonymous post is by me Leah :) love you!


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