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June 24, 2010

Precious Adaleigh | Newborn

I can’t even begin to express the joy it was to capture Adaleigh at only 8 days old! What a precious bundle of love!!! Bo (Adaleigh’s daddy) was the ultimate helper with positioning her and keeping her happy. He had that special touch which I thought was GREAT!!! Tisha (Adaleigh's Mommy) knew what each cry represented -- whether she was cold, gassy, hungry or mad -- she was sure to let us know. *grin* I couldn’t have been more pleased! *smiles* Bo & Tisha…THANK YOU so much for spending a morning with me and letting me be creative in capturing your little angel!


  1. Beautiful!!! You do great work and yes she is very precious.

  2. tisha (the mommy)24/6/10 9:18 PM

    awwww.. that's my adaleigh.. i love the pics and u captured so far some really great memories

  3. tisha (the mommy)24/6/10 9:19 PM

    oh.. and thank you rhonda :)

  4. Beeeee-autiful!! You have such great talent, my dear.

  5. tisha (the mommy)18/10/10 4:08 AM

    I am soooo glad I had you capture her so young.. :) there's no way she'll fit in a basket anymore.. her feet are about to dangle over the car seat.. but she's all smiles and giggles now.. you'll have fun when we do the family pictures..


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