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May 4, 2010

Little Miss Abigail

Abigail was just about thee cutest thing and I just lit up when she smiled! She was so happy and content. It was a joy spending some time with her and capturing her personality. I asked Abigail's mom prior to the session if she liked balloons and her mom said "yes, she loves them!" She wasn't kidding! We took some pictures prior to pulling the balloon out because we knew that once she had that balloon in her hands, we wouldn't get it back. *smiles* Children NEVER cease to amaze me and I love….yes love…how they are intrigued and captivated by just about everything. It's almost as if they think that if they stop for a moment’s time, they'll miss something. There are days that I miss that innocence in being a child. Here are some of the sessions SMILES! Can I just say that I LOVED how the balloon complimented her dress, chair and the outdoor colors!! It's great when things happen like that! Enjoy! …and thanks Hutchinson’s for allowing me capture your precious little girl!

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