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April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

This Easter came out of nowhere for me, so I was scrambling a bit in figuring out what I wanted to post to wish you all a Happy Easter. (I shouldn't even be admitting that, but I'm too 'real' not to) *smiles* So...what to do? I pulled out a couple of pictures I took last year that are a clear representation of this festive day! When I took the chicky picture, I was all smiles. It's a favorite of mine to this day. The egg picture was taken after having an easter egg hunt with the dogs. Oh yeah!! Who said that only kids could hunt for easter eggs?! We just put some appealing treats in them and the dogs went wild! Another smile moment I treasured! So much in fact we did it again this year. Here's to eggs, chocolate and pastel colors! Happy Easter!

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