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January 7, 2010

Start Fresh

I really can't believe that it's 2010, but as they say....time flies when you're having fun! To start my year off, I decided to do something big!!! So, I cut all my hair off and took on a whole new look. Big change? Yes. Do I love it? Absolutely. :) I've put quite a bit of time into thinking about some new year's resolutions for this year and believe it or not have already completed a couple! So, I'm off to a good start at this point. Below is a picture of my new look and although I know it's not the best, it was fun capturing and marks a moment in time for the new year!!! Have you put any thought into setting some new year's resolutions for yourself? Challenging yourself can really make a difference in your journey! Here's to another GREAT year! I'm excited to see what's in store....especially with such a great support and fan base. By the way...the title of this blog entry is actually a quote my sister emailed me and I just thought it was very appropriate not only for the new year, but for my hair change too! :)

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