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December 13, 2009

Finding Life in Death

I lost my grandmother, Mary Forkey Voorhees on December 9, 2009 and in attending her funeral and seeing family that I haven't seen in years....I was quickly reminded that life is indeed short and how necessary it is to embrace those we love often!! Death has such a sting to it and although I do believe in life after death, there is a void with death that leaves a permanent hole in our lives. When we arrived at the gravesite following a very emotional funeral, I decided to pull out my camera and capture a picture of the pallbearers. At first I thought it seemed a little morbid, but the family actually appreciated it and requested a copy. I also captured the second picture once everyone headed back to their vehicles and just thought the shadows off of the chairs for the siblings was remarkable. I will miss my grandmother deeply and only wish that I had lived closer to love on her more over the years. This blog entry is my tribute to her and her life. She was a remarkable woman, wife, mother and friend!

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