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September 8, 2009

Umbrellas & Bunkers

I've had an idea in my mind lately to capture an artisitc type of photo of a couple holding umbrellas over the upper torso area and leaving something to the imagine of what was going on behind the umbrellas. So this past weekend, I decided to act on my idea and headed to Busch Wildlife Area with some models, umbrellas and found an old army bunker there to use for the shoot. Not sure I would of thought the bunker was the best setting at first, but the concrete was exactly the type of background I could only have hoped for. It was one of those rare moments that didn't take long to get the shot I was wanting. Of course I took more then I needed, but here are just a couple of the pictures taken. The balance of color, texture and elements composed in the first picture below created a very visually appealing picture...with a touch of romance, while the second picture has the playful feel presenting a touch of distance between the subjects but still has a sense of balance.

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  1. Considering your goal, the one I liked more was the second one, it carries a deeper sense of mistery than the first one, where the risen leg led me without mistake to imagine a kiss going on.


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